Catalyst Carriers

Puragen Activated Carbons’s products offer excellent purity, extremely large surface area and pore volume, low dust and ash, and exceptional hardness which make them perfectly suited as catalyst carriers. In some applications, our OxPure™ GAC is the catalyst itself. Among OxPure™ GAC’s main uses as a catalyst or catalyst carrier are as a precious metal catalyst carrier, as well as a variety of agricultural products and military applications.


OxPure™ PAC (powdered activated carbon) products are used in the agricultural industry to protect grass seeds from dangerous herbicides and pesticides and to amend soil to improve crop yield.

Herbicides and pesticides are essential to prevent harmful species from destroying crops. However, they can also be quite damaging to seeds. Activated carbon can be mixed into fertilizer or used as a coating to protect the seeds. It can be manipulated to improve the pH for diverse types of seeds, and may even be mixed into the soil to guard against pesticide or herbicide spills.

Activated carbon can also store helpful nutrients for timed delivery, boosting the health of the crop. It can even be loaded with ethylene, the compound that causes ripening, and then deliver the ethylene to all of the fruits in a single crop, ensuring that they ripen simultaneously.


Puragen Activated Carbons has specialty products that are used in a wide range of industrial and military air filtration applications to protect workers and military personnel that are exposed to toxic or harmful gases. These specialty grades are typically impregnated to provide both chemical and physical adsorption which allow them to meet the very high standards that are required in this industry.

Precious Metals

Product consistency and purity are essential in the processing of precious metal catalyst. Puragen Activated Carbons offers high purity acid washed products that are manufactured under stringent quality assurance systems and tested in small lots to ensure consistency.