The range of chemicals that require purification is broad and diverse. Many raw materials and intermediate chemicals must be purified to aid in their processing. Applications that use Puragen Activated Carbons products include treating acids, dry cleaning solvents, and gas treater liquids. OxPureâ„¢ products play a key role in ensuring chemicals meet stringent technical standards. Our products enhance raw materials and/or remove colors, odors, and other impurities in final products.

Activated carbon begins life as any organic material with a high natural concentration of carbon, including wood, peat, coal, or coconut husk. After being slowly heated in a low-oxygen environment to remove impurities and water, it is subjected to physical and/or chemical processing to increase its surface area and create a submicroscopic network of pores.

Through the process of adsorption, activated carbon attracts and bonds with a wide variety of compounds. It may be used alone or impregnated with specific chemicals to further improve its ability to remove targeted compounds.

Inorganic Chemicals

Many inorganic chemical raw materials are mined and require removal of various organic contaminants, such as humic acids and chlorinated organics. Puragen Activated Carbons offers diverse lines of coconut, coal, and wood based GAC (granular activated carbon) and PAC (powdered activated carbon) to purify inorganic chemicals.

Organic Chemicals

Many organic chemicals are used in applications with stringent purity standards. Puragen Activated Carbons products are used to remove color bodies from common amino acids and organic acids, as well as color and odors from used dry cleaning solvents for recycling.


The oil and gas industry relies on the adsorptive capabilities of activated carbon. Puragen Activated Carbons is a leading provider of coal based GAC to treat amine or glycol solutions, protecting the petrochemical industry's gas stream scrubbers.

Soil Remediation

Soil remediation can be accomplished by removing, treating, and replacing contaminated ground water and soil. Puragen Activated Carbons products can also be added to the soil to reduce the contaminant’s mobility. GAC and PAC enable both approaches.