Drinking Water

Rivers, lakes, and groundwater aquifers provide our drinking water, which often must be treated to make safe to drink (potable). Activated carbon is regarded as one of the best treatment methods for removing impurities from drinking water. Fresh drinking water is becoming increasingly scarce, with many regions in the world turning to the ocean for new supply. For salt water desalination, filter anthracite offers an economical option to remove particulates and protect membranes.

Activated Carbon

We offer many OxPure™ grades of PAC and GAC with different activity levels made from various raw materials to effectively purify drinking water.


OxGuard™ off-the-shelf and custom fabricated units and vessels to fit any application.


Specialized on-site turnkey carbon change out service.

Specialty Media

We offer OxAnthra™ anthracite filter media that removes particulate matter during the filtration process.